SunnyBoy - Somewhere

SunnyBoy - Somewhere

September 4th, 2020 / By: Wausti

SunnyBoy is back with a new single including a long list of remixers as usual, but among them are names we almost thought were extinct from the italodance scene... It contains remixed by TBM DJ and Zulan who hasn't been active in ages, but finally found time and passion to produce a little again ...we hope they keep producing more. In Total 9 different remixers is to be found on this release. The single is called "Somewhere" but also contains versions in the original language version called "Valahol".


1. Somewhere (Angelo Ciaravola 2000 Extended Remix)

2. Valahol (TBM DJ Extended Remix)

3. Valahol (Luigi Elettrico Remix)

4. Valahol (Zulan Remix)

5. Valahol (Pancho DJ Remix)

6. Somewhere (DJ Spazio Remix)

7. Valahol (DJ Everyday Remix)

8. Valahol (TBM DJ Short Remix)

9. Valahol (DJ ikonnikov Remix)

10. Valahol (Angelo Ciaravola Dancefloor Remix)

11. Valahol (BenceK Remix)

12. Somewhere