June 28th, 2024 / By: simps0n

June 2024.
Italian DJ and music producer Carmine Buonincontri known as DJ Bonie and Karmin Beat just released a new Italodance version on his track called "Spin Me Around (Italodance Vision)".
Released on Carmine Buonincontri's own label. It's...

June 16th, 2024
June 27th, 2024 / By: simps0n

The Italian project of Davide Genchi and Simone Gennari best known as Magna Romagna is back again with a new single: "Italodance".
They mostly produce slowstyle but this time around it really is Magna Romagna's signature style, just faster.
Release on Moto Remoto Records...

May 31st, 2024
June 26th, 2024 / By: simps0n

ItaloDance Records and Austrian producer Patrick Helperstorfer aka DJ Pmj just released a new single: "Don't Stop", which includes 2 new tracks: "Don't Stop" & "Funky Tune".

In DJ PMJ usual true italodance style!


  1. Don't Stop
  2. Funky...
June 7th, 2024
June 25th, 2024 / By: simps0n

The always productive Maurizio Braccagni better known as Ma.Bra. recently released a new single "Catch Me". A true upbeat italodance track as only Maurizio can make them!

Released on Mabra Records.


  1. Catch Me


May 31st, 2024
June 24th, 2024 / By: simps0n

The deejay and music producer Raquel Rodríguez Conde (Iris Dee Jay) is the man behind Almacén Noventas. Together with singer Enrico they released a new song "Numero Uno". Great vocal italodance track in true classic style.

Released on Standing Records and...

June 3rd, 2024
June 24th, 2024 / By: simps0n

Mauro Vay and his label Bit Records make one of the rarer combacks to the ITALO stage!
A trio consisting of Vivian B., Panico & Mauro Vay made a cover version of the classic Da Blitz song "Movin' On"  remixed by Carlo Esse in a new italodance version.

Great to see...

May 24th, 2024
May 29th, 2024 / By: simps0n

It's been a while since the last slowstyle/lento single of Italian producer Federico Romanzi, although he's been busy releasing old remixes at Bandcamp, but now he just released a new track: "World" in his signature lento style.

The single is released on Romanzi's own label FF Label...

May 3rd, 2024
May 29th, 2024 / By: simps0n

The ever productive Maurizio Braccagni better known as Ma.Bra. just released a new single "Dreaming Of You".
Maurizio is still very active as a producer and puts out new singles every month in various styles, but usually uptempo and this track is no exception in classic Ma.Bra./DJ Lhasa...

May 10th, 2024
May 21st, 2024 / By: simps0n

Ghanaian gospel singer Jayana just released a remix version of her latest single "Real G" including a new italodance remix by DJ PMJ

Released on German label Redlight Media and available through all major digital outlets now.


1. Real G (Marq Aurel & Mr. Di Harder Story Remix)
2. Real G (Pat...

May 8th, 2024
May 21st, 2024 / By: simps0n

Alex Tedesco, Riccardo Rossi & Raffaele Petriccione, better known as Alex Teddy, DeeJay Froggy and his friend DJ Raffy, featuring Ivy Joy just released together one more amazing Italodance track: "Takeoff". And immediately after it they release another pack of...

April 30th, 2024