Various Lento Violento / SlowStyle news

Various Lento Violento / SlowStyle news

June 9th, 2018 / By: Würden

Once in a while we gather a little list of recent Lento Violento news, here are some of the latest releases.

First up is a new E.P. from SlowAndFast titled "Sentieri Elettronici" featuring 4 tracks in both mellow and normal SlowStyle:

Track list:

  1. Pensieri Notturni (Original Mix)
  2. Ape Ballerina (Original Mix)
  3. High Heels (Original Mix)
  4. Paradise (Original Mix)

Out June 4th on Beverly Music Group and available on Beatport, Spotify etc.


Doctor Dave from Scotland is also pushing out new stuff once in a while, now his label Slow With Style is ready with 2 new singles, latest one is by Bainegg and is title Memories of a Bolivian and includes two tracks:

  1. Memories of a Bolivian
  2. Sadness 2


Second single on Slow With Style is by an artist named Mawexx, he has a one track single titled "Dance With Me":

  1. Dance With Me


Both singles are out on Bandcamp now. All purchases goes to charity, buy and support these guys!



Bassdruck is an Austrian Lento producer and he has a new single out titled "Lento Love Me" and includes a single version:

  1. Lento Love Me (In Da Mood Mix)


Classic lento style released on his own label, available now on Beatport and other digital channels


Good old Mr. Dendo is quite active these mostly producing remixes of famous pop artists for radio and live shows, sometimes he manages to get one or two remixes out in shops and one of them is his remix of Kygo's track "Remind Me To Forget":

  1. Kygo & Miguel - Remind Me To Forget (Mr Dendo Remix)


It's available on iTunes via Dubset Media


Lastly we have a new single out from Carlo Olive, who used to be one of the forerunners in the Lento Violento scene with his label DOS, fortunately he hasn't left his roots completely and has released a new single title "Tecno Trump" under the alias "2Shortmen":

  1. Tecno Trump (Original Mix)
  2. Tecno Trump (Fanfare Mix)


Released on DOS (Diverse Onde Sonore) and available in various digital channels.