SlowAndFast - Magic World EP

SlowAndFast - Magic World EP

January 29th, 2017 / By: W├╝rden

On the relative new label Beverly Music run by Luca Tatti and Andrea Carboni, with the artist name Carbo Bass, comes another new SlowStyle release. The main focus of the label is SlowStyle music and they have some experienced SlowStyle producers in-house.

The new release "Magic World EP" by the artist with the very well suited name SlowAndFast comes with 2 newly released SlowStyle / Lento Violento tracks. The tracks are not that new as far as we know (2014), but it's the first time ever they are actually released.

1. MagicWorld (Original Mix)

2. Nervoso (Original Mix)

Available in all major digital download/streaming services from February 13th

Release date:February 13th, 2017

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