Bassdruck - Lento Downbeat Shuffle

Bassdruck - Lento Downbeat Shuffle

March 17th, 2018 / By: Würden

Bassdruck is ready with a new single titled Lento Downbeat Shuffle (Brain Strikes Again Mix) in a classic well-produced lento violento / slowstyle production.

Behind Bassdruck sits the Austrian programmer and hobby producer Roland Eigelsreiter who also goes under various aliases such as "Brain Foo Long", "DJ Brainnrg", "Glied van Stief" and "Da Mundler". He's virtually a one-man music machine with different aliases for different electronic genres such as hardstyle, hands up or progressive house.

The new single is a one-track release:

1. Lento Downbeat Shuffle (Brain Strikes Again Mix)

Out March 13th on the label Just My EDM




Also check out his release "Lento Number One" released earlier this year.

Label:Just Me EDM
Release date:March 13th, 2018

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