Ramore Project - Come Un Anjo

Ramore Project - Come Un Anjo

December 5th, 2021 / By: Wausti

Rodrigo A. Gomes aka R.A.G. DJ or Ramore Project in this case, has recently released a new single for free download. The track is based on Tobix's "Come Un Angelo" which is originally in italian, but now it has been made into a brazilian version with a few minor changes including 4 remixes besides the orignal version by R.A.G. DJ.


1. Como Um Anjo (R.A.G. DJ Intro Mix)
2. Como Um Anjo (A'SoN Remix)
3. Como Um Anjo (DancePosse Remix)
4. Como Um Anjo (MaderaDeejay Remix)
5. Como Um Anjo ([email protected] Remix)