R.A.G. DJ feat. Orazio - I Love Italodance

R.A.G. DJ feat. Orazio - I Love Italodance

September 12th, 2015 / By: Wausti

Italodance originates from Italy, but at the moment it seems South American, since the main part of releases in that genre is made by producers of South America - this release is no exception!
It's done by a wellknown producer, who has done a lot of official remixes in the past few years. Now for the first time Rodrigo A. Gomes aka R.A.G. DJ has a single coming in his name, dedicated to italodance, together with his co-passionated friend who brings a bit of Italy to this release Orazio Finocchiaro which sings for you on this track.


01- I Love Italodance (Original Mix)
02- I Love Italodance (R.A.G. DJ Cuore Mix)
03- I Love Italodance (Ramore Project vs Jos!fer Remix)
04- I Love Italodance (sY.g.Ma Remix)
05- I Love Italodance (DJ JPedroza Remix)
06- I Love Italodance (DJ Orazio Concept Mix)

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Label:Redlight Media (Germany)
Release date:September 22nd, 2015