Marq Aurel & Ramore Project - Alone

Marq Aurel & Ramore Project - Alone

May 23rd, 2020 / By: Wausti

The german Marq Aurel has partnered up with the brazilian Ramore Project and covered a track by Marnik & Kshmr, including the voice of Jeffrey Jey from Eiffel 65.

The release is dedicated to all the people who are "Alone" out there in these corona-times.

It contains 5 versions, 4 of them straight from Brazil!



1. Alone (Marq Aurel & Jos!Fer Mix)

2. Alone (GuiStylez & Ramore Project Mix)

3. Alone (A'SoN Mix)

4. Alone (Algorithmical Mix)

5. Alone (Caetano & R.A.G. 90'S Mix)


Originial version: