LuHa MsM and Federico Romanzi on Bandcamp

LuHa MsM and Federico Romanzi on Bandcamp

October 31st, 2018 / By: Wausti

LuHa has had a bit of trouble finding the right way for him to distribute his music, and that means it has been hard to get - but now it seems he found the right soloution by using  Bandcamp. A place where artists sell directly to the listeners, without interference by any label or distribution company. 
For now LuHa has uploaded 15 releases for less than 1€ each, but if you buy all you can get it for minimum 8,78€ (save 37%) and then you can stream them free unlimited through the Bandcamp app or download in Mp3 or Flac.

In time his albums "Anger" and "About Dance & Melody" will be available there too...

Also Federico Romanzi has started using Bandcamp. For the moment he has 6 releases available for the sum of minimum 23,40€ (save 10%)

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