Even more new releases from Federico Romanzi

Even more new releases from Federico Romanzi

September 21st, 2016 / By: Würden

A mere 2 weeks ago we reported on 4 new releases from Federico Romanzi, believe it or not, but the next two weeks he has another 5 releases ready. That equates to 1 release every 80 hours! In fact this is so many releases that we couldn't even fit all the single artwork covers in the image of this article. Well played.

Enough with the nice words, back to business - all singles are of course in the typical experimental Romanzi style as only he does it and all of them are single title releases.

We wonder when his album will be coming..


First single out September 17th is "Child" with one version:

1. Child


Then there is another single "Cacao" with 2 versions out September 23rd:

1. Cacao (Fondente)
2. Cacao (Speziato)


Third single is "Cocco" also out September 23rd with 2 versions:

1. Cocco (Long Version)
2. Cocco (Short Version)


Out September 30th is the single "ETR-500" with 3 versions:

1. ETR-500 (Black Version)
2. ETR-500 (Red Version)
3. ETR-500 (White Version)


Lastly is "Favola" out October 7th also with 3 versions:

1. Favola (Long Version)
2. Favola (Intro Version)
3. Favola (Short Version)


And here is the cover that we couldn't fit elsewhere:


Label:FF Label
Release date:October 7th, 2016

Buy it here: