LuHa MsM is returning?

LuHa MsM is returning?

September 9th, 2016 / By: Wausti

Luca Francini aka LuHa MsM has just posted a video on his facebook and youtube yesterday with the text "Very Soon" as you can see below:

It's been 3 years since LuHa last showed any activity on his youtube and facebook, not since his album releases was promoted - well ok, he posted two links on his facebook but that wasn't his own work. The latest activity from him untill yesterday was on his soundcloud where he had been posting free downloads, bootlegs etc. and that's 2 years ago! 

For the ones who doesn't know him well, he is a 33 year old italian guy who mostly makes lento / slowstyle - some years ago he was a part of the podcast "Istinti Sonori" together with Federico Romanzi and Mr. Dendo.
In 2013 LuHa releases no less than two albums (Anger and About Dance And Melody)  and a single (Calabrone), his first and last official releases untill now...

We are many waiting anxiously to see what LuHa is up to ...and out from the small sound bite in the video it seems he has not forgotten where he comes from.


Find out more about Luha MsM right here:

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