DJ Nico Vlp - Viaggio Nel Futuro

DJ Nico Vlp - Viaggio Nel Futuro

July 7th, 2019 / By: Würden

Nicola Volpe from Salerno is back with a new futuristic album, well "Viaggio nel Futuro" means travel to the future, at least. It features 14 brand new tracks in different styles and it definitely lives up to his very adventurous, fairytale-esque self-image (just see the cover art) - not only in graphical style but also musically.

DJ Nico Vlp is still one of the most productive producers in the space, only DJ sTore comes close (or actually Gigi D'Agostino too recently) when it comes to the amount of release/albums they put out, Nico put out 2 full albums and several EP's last year. Nevertheless, he keeps a very high production quality and has one of the most unique and creative attitudes towards the SlowStyle genre.

The album is out now and can be purchased (as download) or streamed for free exclusively at Bandcamp.

1. Veicoli Del Pianeta Jattabe (Futuristic Mix) 04:46
2. Città Di Covibet (Sognando Mix) 06:03
3. Madeso Lunaris (Esplorando Mix) 06:33
4. Atterraggio D'emergenza (Mappatura Mix) 05:23
5. Cercandoti Tra Stelle Lontane (Viaggi Mix) 04:29
6. Girl In Space (Nuovi Mondi Mix) 07:00
7. Portami Con Te (Soli In Uno Schermo) 06:09
8. Costellazione (Ritroveremo La Strada) 05:47
9. Cosmonauti (Espi Love) 06:42
10. Astronauta (Addestramento Mix - Bozza) 05:43
11. Viaggio Nel Futuro (Aggressive Mix) 06:03
12. Tour Spaziale (Canta Ext. Mix) 06:13
13. Humans And Robot (Club Mix) 06:44
14. Aquatic Planet (Demo - Bozza Cut) 01:24