DJ Nico Vlp - Fiabe Di Altri Mondi

DJ Nico Vlp - Fiabe Di Altri Mondi

November 12th, 2016 / By: Würden

IDP's own label proudly presents its very first album release together with DJ Nico Vlp entitled "Fiabe Di Altri Mondi". The album contains 18 brand new original productions from him in his very own unique personal musical style which can best be explained as a experimental/dreamy Slowstyle.

The title means "Tales from other worlds" and Nicola Volpe, the real name behind the artist, explains here the story behind the idea and what that means for the album and for him personally:

> I got the idea for this album several years ago, I always wanted to produce it and finally it happened. With its 18 tracks I want to communicate that a hope of a different world is always possible. The album tries to give some comfort to those who feel a little lost at the moment of their lives, and at the same time giving a bit of tranquility and happiness.

My purpose with this album is to tell the contents of my inner worlds. Worlds made of feelings that are rare in this era. That is why it is called "Fiabe Di Altri Mondi" this album is a melodic and dreamy album realized upon a SlowStyle meets dance theme. Some tracks are mystical and others talk about love. I made this album at home with my equipment and all my heart.

I wish to thank IDP for the publication and enforcement of the Italian music, and I would like to thank everyone who contributed to the album. <

Besides DJ Nico Vlp the album features co-productions with artists such as Michele Dipalo, Gfx909, Planet Project and O.C. Dream.

The album will be out in all major digital shops and streaming services, iTunes, Apple Music, Spotify, Deezer, Juno - to mention a few on November 17th.
If you are a die-hard old school fan you will, of course, also be able to purchase a printed CD version in our webshop.


Track list:

1. DJ Nico Vlp - Come In Un Sogno (Extended Mix)
2. DJ Nico Vlp - Al Di Là Delle Montagne (Extended Travel)
3. DJ Nico Vlp - Fluttuanti Parole (Extended Mix With Lady Jasmine Voice)
4. DJ Nico Vlp - Scatola Magica (Mistico Mix)
5. DJ Nico Vlp & Michele Dipalo - Vortice Di Colori (Extended Mix)
6. DJ Nico Vlp - Moments (Original Edit)
7. DJ Nico Vlp & Planet Project - Eden (Extended Mix)
8. DJ Nico Vlp - Ovunque Vada (Original Edit)
9. DJ Nico Vlp - Musicus Flores (Angelic Mix)
10. DJ Nico Vlp - I Tuoi Occhi (Original Edit)
11. DJ Nico Vlp & O.C. Dream - Red Kalimba (Little Mix)
12. DJ Nico Vlp - Travelers Of This World (Walking Mix)
13. DJ Nico Vlp & Michele Dipalo - Attraversando Il Fiume (Original Long)
14. DJ Nico Vlp - Fiabe Di Altri Mondi (Original Edit)
15. DJ Nico Vlp - Videocassetta (Short Mix)
16. DJ Nico Vlp Ft. Gfx909 & Gpix - Nostalgia (Bozza Grezza)
17. DJ Nico Vlp & Michele Dipalo - Voleremo In Libertà (Original Mix)
18. DJ Nico Vlp - Non Guardi Più Le Stelle (Original Edit)

Label:IDP Records
Release date:November 17th, 2016

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