DJ Nico Vlp - Luoghi Immaginari

DJ Nico Vlp - Luoghi Immaginari

November 11th, 2018 / By: Würden

Italian producer DJ Nico Vlp is back with a brand new album including 16 new productions ranging from new tracks to new versions of older musical work.

For those who don't know Nico, he's one of the most productive SlowStyle producers out there. He has a unique adventure / fairytale-esque aura in his musical style and often works with long time producer Michele Dipalo, who is also featured in one of the tracks on the album.

The album is titled "Luoghi Immaginari" which roughly translates to "Imaginary Places".

Track list:

  1. Metropoli Del Futuro (Original Mix) 05:17
  2. Cieli Azzurri Su Marte (Programmazione Breve) 03:32
  3. Lo Scorrere Del Tempo (Original Mix) 04:42
  4. Time Traveler (Ext. Mix) 06:08
  5. Luoghi Immaginari (Ext. Mix) 07:17
  6. Un Nuovo Mondo (Ext. Mix) 06:23
  7. Pensieri Lontani (Notte Mix) 08:34
  8. Promessa A Moytada (Ext. Mix) 03:48
  9. Noi Me Te (Ext. Mix) 04:41
  10. Il Re E Lo Schiavo (VLP Melody In Vhs) Ft. Michele Dipalo & Dj Stella 03:12
  11. Sogno Lucido (Ext. Mix) 04:23
  12. Elettronici Sentieri (VLP & STELLA Vocal Mix) 03:43
  13. For My Life (Edm Short Mix) 03:44
  14. La Tua Immaginazione (Ext. Mix) 05:08
  15. Speranza (Ext. Mix) 05:17
  16. I Trapezisti (Sospensione Breve) 03:18

The album is available exclusively for purchase or (free) streaming from Bandcamp.


That's not all though! as something extra Nicola Volpe has also released two new mini-EPs titled VPLOOP 1 and VPLOOP 2 which are also availble now on Bandcamp (you can find them all in the "Buy here" link in the gray box.


Release date:November 5th, 2018

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