Alien Cut - Alien Lab Exp. 1

Alien Cut - Alien Lab Exp. 1

July 25th, 2022 / By: Wausti

In Italy lives two aliens (perhaps more) that goes by the names Davide Maresca and Fabio Adamo. They arrived back in 2009 and has abducted and brainwashed many earthlings now with their unique sound, and still trying to reach out to more... They have been trying to do that using the streaming media Twitch for about 3-4 years to broadcast their show "Alien Lab" live every week with brand new remixes, covers and inedit tracks, a highly productive duo. 

An attempt to reach even more out, they are infecting other streaming services like Spotify and iTunes, this time with an album that contains 20 tracks known from and made specially for their "Alien Lab" live shows.

​All we know is that they come with peace, and a lot of music!

The release will be out on their own newly created label Uran Records ....(guess their home planet must be Uranus then) Wink



Label:Uran Records (Italy)
Release date:July 29th, 2022