Alien Cut - Musica Che Sposta vol. 2

Alien Cut - Musica Che Sposta vol. 2

July 8th, 2021 / By: Wausti

Almost 2 years ago, The Alien Cut guys Davide Maresca and Fabio Adamo released the first volume of "Musica Che Sposta" and since then, all their fans and followers has been waiting for the next one.... They were pretty soon after, out telling that they were already working on a 2nd volume, but then came corona, and they couldn't hype it as much as they might want to through their real LIVE shows (they play live on twitch too), and guess that's why it's coming now, when everything is about to open again.... it's time to party!

Since the last volume they have released a few singles and the "Los 40ena collection" a series of cover versions. Their latest release is a track based on Eiffel 65's "Move Your Body" called "G Nel Body" which is also included on this new volume 2 of "Musica Che Sposta" in a Extended Version.

The two guys has been very active online since they build their home studio, Alien Lab, where they are live mixing several times a week, check it out @

It will be out both digitally and on physical CD!




Label:Sony Music (Italy)
Release date:July 23rd, 2021