Alien Cut - Musica Che Sposta vol. 1

Alien Cut - Musica Che Sposta vol. 1

November 22nd, 2019 / By: Wausti

The Alien Cut guys Davide Maresca and Fabio Adamo arrived on earth in their present form back in 2009. The idea for the name "Alien Cut" must be because of Davide's crazy hair style, that now Fabio has begun to follow as well.
They released their first tracks back in 2011, where they also joined Gabry Ponte's label Dance and Love. There they released four tracks together with the popular m2o dj and host Dino Brown and the very recognizeable voice of Vivian B from Bamble B, on the vocals. It's from that point they slowly build up their own unique and energetic style that they are known for today.
In 2015 they joined the big spanish label Blanco y Negro, and continued to develop their style to an even more "power", "party" and "club" oriented sound even bringing the good old deep italodance bass into their tracks!

Next to their own releases, they also appears on DJ Matrix's popular compilation serie "Musica Da Giostra".

They also do a lot of unofficial remixes which they give away on their demodrop for free... check them out! >

Some years ago they started to do live shows on Facebook, and they are still doing it weekly. On some thursdays they play "ALIEN LAB" which is tracks and remixes made by them and their friends, other thursdays are "SHOCK 2000" where they play classic italodance tracks.

Follow them on Facebook to the the live shows here: or view earlier shows here:

They are doing a kind of Italo-Bounce, which they call "Trap-Dance" or simply just MUSICA CHE SPOSTA! (= Music that moves)

The album is UNMIXED and will be available both digital but also on physical CD!





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October, 2012

Wow!Alien Cut feat. Nidawi – Wake Me Up,It's a perfect italodance song!

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June, 2006

sololo wrote:

Wow!Alien Cut feat. Nidawi – Wake Me Up,It's a perfect italodance song!

I agree, love it! Laughing out loud