SunnyBoy - Never Fear

SunnyBoy - Never Fear

December 1st, 2019 / By: Würden

Sándor Pataki is back with a new single titled "Never Fear" from A.C. Digital Records.

The single includes both English and Hungarian versions with remixes from Angelo Ciaravola, Bietto, Michele Dipalo, Claster DJ, Luigi Elettrico, BenceK and more, check out previews in the "buy here" links.

  1. Never Fear (Angelo Ciaravola Danza Mix)
  2. Never Fear (Michele Dipalo Remix)
  3. Never Fear (Bietto Remix)
  4. Never Fear (Maury Wylson Remix)
  5. Never Fear (DJ Spazio Remix)
  6. Never Fear (Acoustic G and S Concept)
  7. Never Fear (Claster DJ Edit)
  8. Never Fear (David H Remix)
  9. Never Fear (Old School 1972)
  10. Sose felj (Luigi Elettrico Rmx)
  11. Sose felj (BenceK Remix)
  12. Sose felj (David H Remix)
  13. Sose felj (Old School 1972)
  14. Vallomas (Angelo Ciaravola On The Floor Remix)
  15. Vallomas (Angelo Ciaravola On The River Remix)


SunnyBoy also recently released another single, "Confession / Vallmoás":

  1. Confession (DJ Spazio Remix)
  2. Confession (Michele Dipalo Remix)
  3. Confession (Luigi Elettrico Remix)
  4. Confession (Maury Wylson Remix)
  5. Vallomas (BenceK Remix)
  6. Vallomas (Luigi Elettrico Remix)
  7. Vallomas (Old School 1960 Version)

Label:A.C. Digital Records (Italy)
Release date:November 1st, 2019

Buy it here:


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October, 2012

Every Sunnyboy song is so boring and hates his English songs