Scialadance - Ways vol. 1

Scialadance - Ways vol. 1

November 9th, 2018 / By: Wausti

We might be waiting for "Psico Dance", but since Gigi announced the album/compilation he has released several other single tracks in the meantime on his label Gigi D'Agostino Planet.
Then "Fastolento" came out, and another album was announced with Luca Noise "Lento Treno" and now after posting and releasing his cover of Fool's Garden's "Lemon Tree" few days ago under the name "Scialadance", he has now released a follow up EP under that name called "Ways vol. 1", so looks like more is coming!

It now seems that the name "Scialadance" has been created to release covers of wellknown hit songs, and untill now with the male voice of Davide Marani as vocal.


1. More Than Words

2. La Serenissima

3. Forever Young

4. Sweet Child O' mine

5. Cocco