Gigi D'Agostino - Xmas Best! The Essential

Gigi D'Agostino - Xmas Best! The Essential

November 10th, 2012 / By: Würden

Gigi is back! or so to speak. Well at least Gigi's old tracks are back. Media Records have decided to release yet another Gigi D'Agostino best of album which essentially is a re-release of the ZYX Music best of album entitled "The Essential" from 2009/2010. If you own that album there is literally no reason for you to get this Christmas goodie, if not it could very well spread some warm italo Christmas mood all around.

ps. if you find the cover in better quality, please email us.

Disc 1
1. L'amour toujours (Forte forte) 
2. Thank You for All  
3. I Wonder Why  
4. Casa Dag  
5. Another Way (Angeli in Festa)  
6. Again  
7. Those Were the Days  
8. Silence (Vision) 
9. Bla Bla Bla  
10. Stay (Gigi Dad from Beyond) 
11. Like a Prayer  
12. Con te partirò (Essential) 
13. Moonlight Shadow  
14. Elisir (Essential) 
15. A volte io mi perdo  
16. Total Care  
17. La passion (Angeli in festa)  
18. Pioggia e sole (Essential)  

Disc 2
1. Io vorrei non vorrei ma se vuoi  
2. Gigi's Way  
3. Un Giorno Credi (Essential) 
4. Gin Lemon (Essential) 
5. The Riddle (Get Up) 
6. Wellfare (When the Sun Rises) 
7. Star (Essential) 
8. Inventi  
9. Angel  
10. Goodnight  
11. Lo sbaglio (Orgoglio Mix)  
12. La danza del sole  
13. Semplicemente (Legna Mix) 
14. Luce (Spreco Mix) 
15. E di nuovo cambio casa  
16. The Rain  
17. Nothing Else  
18. Ancora insieme  
19. Ho fatto un sogno

Label:Media Records
Release date:November 8th, 2012

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