Scialadance - Scialescion

Scialadance - Scialescion

June 7th, 2019 / By: Wausti

The Scialadance-project by Gigi D'Agostino, which mainly is his new project for cover-tracks, has now a brand new album out!
It was announced as usual with a video on youtube with one of the tracks, in this case "Il Mio Canto Libero" with the text [ From the Album: Scialescion ] next to it. So we knew it was coming, and the name of it but not when and how many tracks would be included. Previously it has been 2x EP's including 4-5 tracks and a single track releases, but now there is a complete album including 18 tracks!

You might reconize many of the titles, since they are covered tracks with either Gigi's voice or Davide Marani singing the tracks, and you might already have noticed that Marani's voice is very similar to the one of Depeche Mode's lead-singer Dave Gahan. Now you can hear him sing one of their known tracks "A Question of Time".


1. Il Mio Canto Libero 6:19

2. Io Vagabondo 3:23

3. La Lontananza (Eterea Mix) 3:12

4. Hotel California 5:25

5. Vita Spericolata 3:59

6. Ramaya 2:08

7. (Do You Have) The Force 3:48

8. Miracle 4:52

9. Mad World 2:52

10. Knights of Cydonia 3:19

11. A Question of Time (Minimale Essenziale Mix) 4:17

12. Anastasis 4:22

13. Oxigèn, Pt. 4 3:19

14. Bigmouth Strikes Again 4:16

15. Chanson Balladee 2:38

16. Live in the Morning 3:45

17. No Controles 3:58

18. Oxigèn, Pt. 4 (Extended Mix) 6:06


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October, 2012

wow!“ Bigmouth Strikes Again ”is beautiful song!