Marq Aurel & Mizz Camela - Pokerface 2013 (Full House Edition)

Marq Aurel & Mizz Camela - Pokerface 2013 (Full House Edition)

April 4th, 2013 / By: Wausti

A fresh new release coming up by Marq Aurel and Mizz Camela on the label Redlight Media.

It says Full House Edition but it also contains a remix by DJ-V in italodance. and that is also the reason we're posting it here on IDP...


1. Pokerface (Original Radio Edit)
2. Pokerface (Original Instrumental Radio)
3. Pokerface (Club Dance Edit)
4. Pokerface (Original Trance Radio Edit)
5. Pokerface (Major Tosh Radio Edit)
6. Pokerface (Clay Cassidy Remix Edit)
7. Pokerface (Jack Styles Remix Edit) 
8. Pokerface (DJ V. Italo Dance Remix Edit)
9. Pokerface (Oh Sh!t vs. Andrew Radio Edit)
10. Pokerface (TimeWaster Remix Edit)
11. Pokerface (Rayzr Remix Edit)
12. Pokerface
13. Pokerface (Original Instrumental Mix)
14. Pokerface (Club Dance Mix)
15. Pokerface (Major Tosh Remix)
16. Pokerface (Jack Styles Remix)
17. Pokerface (DJ V. Italo Dance Remix)
18. Pokerface (Oh Sh!t vs. Andrew Remix)
19. Pokerface (TimeWaster Remix)
20. Pokerface (Rayzr Remix)
21. Pokerface (Tronix DJ Remix)
22. Pokerface (Darren G Happy Hardcore Remix)

Label:Redlight Media
Release date:April 5th, 2013

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