Lento Violento - Mantra Dag

Lento Violento - Mantra Dag

September 4th, 2020 / By: Wausti

Il Maestro, Gigi D'Agostino is currently conquering various charts with the track "Hollywood" which he did in collaboration with LA Vision as a follow up to "In My Mind" to hit the more mainstream music scene. Next to that he still does his "original styles" with Luca Noise close by his side and has just released the long awaited album "Mantra Dag" under the name Lento Violento. A selection of his more hard lento tracks, some of them known from his radio and live shows. The album were first announced more than a year ago with videos on youtube (link below) ....so perhaps there's still a small hope for "Psico Dance". Grin Wink

Some tracks is said to be co-produced by Daniele Mondello who tragically lost his wife and son under mysterious circumstances, after a car crash just one month ago.


1. Genesi (Potere Del Viaggio Fisico E Mentale - Breve Introduzione Mix)

2. In The Beginning

3. Stronger Dance

4. Mulino A Lento

5. Ondeggio

6. Borbottio

7. Picchia (Gigi Noise Maker Mix)

8. Sfasato

9. Modulamente

10. Test Hard

11. Lentismo

12. Mantra Dag

13. Command 

14. Acciaio

15. Sillabario

16. Stranito

17. Together

18. Stai Mosso

19. Tanzersound

20. Senso Unico

Published on May 19th, 2019...