Lento Violento - We Will Fly EP

Lento Violento - We Will Fly EP

May 1st, 2019 / By: Wausti

In the past few months Gigi has been a bit quiet with regarding his "release"-flow, but now it seems he has slowly begun again... The latest one was the Lento Violento album "Lentonauta" released back in february.
About two weeks ago he and Luca Noise announced an upcoming EP called "Happy Go Lucky" that should include three tracks ("Happy Go Lucky (Cosi Mix)", "Don't Say", "Smoderanza") and be available "in few days", but it's still not out yet (funny how it's always releases with Luca that are delayed...hmmm) Anyways, in the meantime Gigi has another EP ready under his Lento Violento artist name, which is called "We Will Fly" and includes four tracks, and that one is available in digital stores now!


1. We Will Fly

2. Mystical Step

3. Mondo Calmo

4. We Will Fly (Extended Mix)