Futurenoize - Lento & Violento vol. 2 - The Kick Off

Futurenoize - Lento & Violento vol. 2 - The Kick Off

June 13th, 2018 / By: Wausti

As Media Records Evo writes in their official announcement of the compilation, the game has begun to see who will become the future leaders of the Lento Violento style, once sole ruled by Gigi D'Agostino.

It all began in the early 2000's by Ottomix, who did a more soft version known as "Afro". Gigi has since then taken the style and added a bit of darkness and power.
Then came the MovimentoLento compilations by DOS and since then it has been few official releases, but very active in the underground 'till now....

The compilation contains 16 tracks with known names such as Giuseppe Sessini, Dr Bass, Andrex, DJ Niky, Claster DJ, DJ sTore, Roby B and Rapporto Distorto!

Bonus info: They already announced that there will be a 3rd compilation entitled "The Challenge"....

Tracklist: (in order from the video below)

00:15 Slow Noize & Giuseppe Sessini – Pensiero Nascosto
04:19 Dj Ale MSP - Pasticcio
07:55 Dr Bass and Hardness – Serial Killer (Wom Cut)
11:55 Andrex Pres. Bad - Inatteso
14:49 Roby B – Back In Past (Wom Vision)
18:42 Dj Niky – Weaky Down
22:54 Roby B & Rapporto Distorto – Drogheria (Wom Cut)
25:42 Dj Niky – Passo Dopo Passo
27:58 Claster Dj – My Humps (Wom Vision)
30:50 Dj Daxel – Pioggia D’Estate (Marco Piccolo Rmx)
34:59 Digital Bat – Dance Trip (Crazy) (Wom Cut)
39:56 Hellies Dj – Power (Wom Cut)
42:36 Dj Nily - Fast
45:41 Dj sTore Feat. Sir Cristian - Liberty
48:10 Jay Lock - KMNC
51:20 Andrea Sd – Eziologico (Cause Dei Fenomeni)


Label:World Of Media (Media Records) (Italy)
Release date:June 21st, 2018