Futurenoize - Lento & Violento vol. 1

Futurenoize - Lento & Violento vol. 1

March 9th, 2018 / By: Wausti

In the past few months there has been confusion around Gigi D'Agostino ....First he announced a new compilation/album with Luca Noise, which should have been out in "the first weeks of 2018", but nothing out till now... The strange thing here was that it was going to be released by Time Records, another known italian label - but Gigi has always been on Media Records / Noisemaker...

Now his former label Media Records / Noisemaker is coming with a compilation in the Gigi-founded "Lento Violento" style, containing tracks by known names from the Lento / Slowstyle scene, here is the official announcement:

"Pupils of Gigi D'Agostino, followers of Noise Maker, Gianfranco Bortolotti's label, distributed by Media Records that became successful with D'Agostino and Picotto in the late '90s, Futurenoize is a project focusing on Lento & Violento from the early 2000.

".... I wanted to relaunch it with Gigi, but we just couldn't make it..." said Gianfranco Bortolotti", so I looked for all of his "pupils", his biggest fans".

We want Lento & Violento to become a reference sound for Europe. We want to export it and we will try and improve it constantly. Kaizen - i.e. the spirit of Japanese progressive improvement that Gigi had already adopted when he produced with Media Records - will guide us. And we also hope he too will identify with this sound."

Tracklist: (in order from the video below)

00:13 Dj sTore – Loppolo (Effervescente Mix)
04:37 Dj Nico Vip – Invention (Wom Cut)
08:54 Dr. Bass – Ronzio
11:37 Hardness - Meccanismo
15:33 Gfx909 . Technopirina
17:32 Dj Nicky – Slow With Style (Pestando Mix)
21:25 Hardness – Down In Road (Street Version)
25:25 Deejay Stella - Spazios
27:25 Dr. Bass - Jammin
30:37 Watt & Jack – Tutta La Vita (Digital Bat Rmx)
33:29 Hardness – Hippy Trippy
37:59 Ricky Style – Go Go
39:46 Giuseppe Sessini - Talking
42:36 Deejay Stella – Bal
44:34 Giuseppe Sessini & Dj sTore - Hipnotica
48:28 Genyo - Feeling Good (Marco Piccolo Rmx)


Label:World of Media (Italy)
Release date:March 17th, 2018