Elena Tanz - Voglia Di Dancefloor vol. 3

Elena Tanz - Voglia Di Dancefloor vol. 3

June 9th, 2018 / By: Würden

Probably the most famous of all Gigi's warm-up DJs Elena Tanz is ready with the 3rd album within a short amount of time. It's starting to remind of Gigi's release frenzy in the old days.

The best of it all is probably that Elena releases her music on both CDs and some of the singles even on vinyl though her own label "Label Epoque".

Vol. 2 came out in September last year she's apparently been working tirelessly since, as she has both got a new website and webshop running, done plenty of live shows in Italy and got a few singles out in the meantime on her label.

Vol. 3 has original tracks from various collaborators and includes 14 tracks in total:

  1. Elena Tanz - Intro #3
  2. The Love Crew - Salta insieme a Noi
  3. Elena Tanz feat Steve - Paradise
  4. The Love Crew feat Alessia - Non voglio mica la Luna
  5. Slow Emotion - Baffo ribelle
  6. Elena Tanz - Dreams
  7. The Love Crew - aspettando il sole
  8. Elena Tanz - where I am
  9. CaprYcorn - Good Jobs
  10. The Love Crew feat Eiren Queen - Heaven
  11. Techno Squat feat Il Pirata - Terraneo
  12. Elena Tanz - Mighè
  13. Aksuli - Ruusu Maaria (The Love Crew remix)
  14. Elena Tanz feat Steve - Fairytale (BenceK remix)

The album / compilation will be out June 30th on both CD and as digital download / streaming in various stores.

Label:Label Epoque
Release date:June 30th, 2018

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