DJ sTore - Passaggi Sonori 3

DJ sTore - Passaggi Sonori 3

October 10th, 2017 / By: Würden

Salvatore Gargiulo is one productive gentleman, having released more self-released albums than we care to count, DJ sTore as his alias is, is now ready with another new album full of new cover versions and remixes. Passaggi Sonori means "soundscapes" and features 18 new track coming just 6 months after volume 2 that also had 18 tracks.

Salvatore is heavily influenced by Gigi D'Agostino's sound so expect most of the tracks to be in his usual style. Also quite usual is it that most tracks are some kind of cover version over a known song or theme - which most of the track titles also show - and just like Gigi there is usually no mention of the original artist in the track list, who cares anyway, right?

The album will be self-released and only be available for purchase on DJ sTore's soundcloud channel, you can also get it by writing him on Facebook. Note that if you order through soundcloud, you should send him a message that you purchased it to get the download-link faster.

Track list:

1. Dj sTore - Bender
2. Dj sTore - Casatchok (Dance Rmx 2017)
3. Dj sTore - Children (Slowstyle Rmx)
4. Dj sTore - Fantasy
5. Dj sTore - Get Busy (Slowstyle Rmx 2017)
6. Dj sTore - GhostBusters
7. Dj sTore - Greensleeves (Dance Rmx 2017)
8. Dj sTore - Limbo (Dance Rmx 2017)
9. Dj sTore - Mantra (Tanz Style Mix)
10. Dj sTore - Mi Gente (Slowstyle Rmx)
11. Dj sTore - Narcotic (Vision 2)
12. Dj sTore - Sweet Dreams (Another Rmx)
13. Dj sTore - Shape of you (Mashup Mandrione Mix)
14. Dj sTore - Summer Love
15. Dj sTore - The Riddle (Rmx 2017)
16. Dj sTore - Oriental Saxophone
17. Dj sTore - Saltino (Paese In Festa Mix)
18. Dj sTore - Lordly




Release date:October 1st, 2017

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