DJ sTore - Passaggi Sonori 2

DJ sTore - Passaggi Sonori 2

April 2nd, 2017 / By: Würden

Salvatore Gargiulo with the producer and DJ-alias DJ sTore is ready with another "official" self-released album featuring 18 new tracks. Salvatore is heavily influenced by Gigi D'Agostino's sound so we expect most tracks to be in his usual style. Also quite usual is it that most tracks are some kind of cover version over a known song or theme - which most of the track titles also show.

The new album is titled Passaggi Sonori 2 which means "soundscapes".

1. Angels
2. Around The World (Slowstyle Rmx)
3. Darling (Furioso Mix)
4.  Dreaming
5. Light Color
6. Lo Sbaglio (Rmx 2017)
7. Nuvole
8. Occidentali's karma (Dance Rmx)
9. Scared to be lonely (Dance Rmx)
10. Traffico (Tamarro Mix)
11. Giallone (Rmx 2017)
12. Tu (Tanz Rmx)
13. Wellfare (Concept 2016)
14. What a Fuck
15. You are not alone (Musical Vision 2017)
16. Nowhere Land (Concept Mix)
17. Sweet Dreams (Slowstyle Rmx)
18. Tenebrae (Vision 2)

The album will be self-released and only be available for purchase on DJ sTore's soundcloud channel, you can also get it by writing him on Facebook. Note that if you order through soundcloud, you should send him a message that you purchased it to get the download-link faster.

It will be out April 10th

Release date:April 10th, 2017

Buy it here: