Bietto - Un Mondo Di Musica

Bietto - Un Mondo Di Musica

April 1st, 2016 / By: Wausti

In a Facebook-post on this April's fool-day, Bietto aka Fabio Iulianello has announced the release of his album. Despite the date it wasn't an April's fool, but was actually true.

He wrote @ Facebook:

"Dear friends,

I have to precise that it's not a joke of the 1st of april LOL... but my album is finally out!!!! You can hear all the songs here, and buy it if you want...
All songs are coming soon also on itunes, youtube, spotify and soundcloud!!!! I really hope you like it!!


The album has been a dream for Bietto for a very long time, and finally now he found the time to do it. It contains 14 tracks in total, 13 of them are brand new tracks and the last one is his previous release "Paradise" with the female vocals of Adriana Vitale.

In the past years, Bietto has done a bunch of remixes of others vocals, lyrics, tracks, but on this album Bietto has made his debut as both singer and songwriter, writing all the songs and doing vocals for 4 of them.

Many mostly know Bietto for his powerful "Molinaro"-style, but in the past years he has also been experimenting with other genres, that he likes, such as Progressive House, Bigroom, Melbourne Bounce and Hardstyle which is also what is the meaning of the title of the album "Un Mondo Di Musica" (A World of Music) - his world of music.

You can read a note posted by Bietto, where he explains about the album here:



01. Un Mondo Di Musica (feat. Orazio) - Bietto 05:09

02. Paradise (feat. Adriana Vitale) - Bietto 03:41

03. Marasma - Bietto 05:18

04. Fairy Wind - Bietto 04:01

05. Let The Power Begin (feat. AlfryJ) - Bietto 04:38

06. Love Is Forever (feat. McW) - Bietto & McW 04:51

07. Abbattete I Bimbiminkia - Bietto 05:01

08. 20 Years Old (feat. Celyn Chow) - Bietto & Celyn Chow 05:20

09. Come Il Sole (feat. Rossella) - Bietto & enzoG. 03:55

10. Fermata Cadorna (2016 Edit) - Bietto 05:45

11. Sweet Sound - Bietto 04:07

12. L'Umorista - Bietto 06:21

13. Fantasy & Melody (feat. McW) - Bietto & Borga 04:33

14. Dew Point - Bietto