Bietto - Preludio

Bietto - Preludio

March 2nd, 2015 / By: Wausti

Fabio Iulianello known as Bietto, is known for being the one active producer, closest to the unique and powerful "Molinaro-style" which many think is amazing - and even though it's known as "Molinaro-style", it's clear to hear Biettos own personal touch of creativity and sounds. 

After numerous official remixes, and few co-productions he is now out with his first solo release - a mini EP includiing two tracks; one in true Bietto-style and one in Lento Violento. The EP is to introduce his forthcoming album, which we can expect some time in 2016...

Here is what Bietto says:
"Simply I decided to make an album... finally... but I don't know when it will be completed because I have a few time + I'd like to make all good... with good music and vocals... so I need time... and to pre-announce my future album I decided to start with a single made of 2 songs... it is the prelude ... so I called it PRELUDIO".


1. Preludio

2. Go!



Label:Casa Bietto Digital Records (Italy)
Release date:March 2nd, 2015

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