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December, 2009

Im sooooo happy cause Sash will be in my city the 1st of march. My city has an extended culture of eurodance music, and remember music at all, so it will be a guaranteed success.

Yeah, i know, Sash is not italodance, but I always liked eurodance music too, thanks to a German music channel called "Viva", which always saw/listened when I was 11-14 years. At the age of 14 (2001), i went for the first time to a disco and i discovered the golden age of italodance. In this disco, from 2000 to 2005 only was played italodance, eurodance, and some spanish dance of the moment...  

...So many of this songs i will hear in this live of Sash will remind me that time, so I am so excited.



My older sister is a big fan of the music of that era. His favorite song of all time is "Ecuador".

Three years ago, the day she got married, musicians played a bals song to dance with her husband, and immediately after a dj played "Ecuador", because it was the only thing she had asked as a requirement for their wedding... (very funny to see the elders who were at the wedding start to dance with this song)


I will try to get a signed autograph for her, or at least a photo 




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September, 2006

That's a very nice story Heinz, tell us how it was after March 1st.

Sash isn't anything special here in Denmark, actually, he has been resident DJ at a club in Copenhagen and played once every month some years ago, he's great live though Smile


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