Domasi - S.H.P. Anthem 2017

Domasi - S.H.P. Anthem 2017

Released: July 28th, 2017, IDP Records


Price: €6.99

Domasi, Luna Felix and IDP Records are back with the most important release of the year: the theme song for this year's annual summer house party for IDP members (yes it's now a recurring thing Laughing out loud)

For those of you who don't know IDP is run mainly from Denmark and every year we celebrate this community, italodance, everyone in the scene and our own existence in a big summer house north of Copenhagen in July, a Summer House Party! This July is no exception and for the 6th consecutive year we are ready and this Friday (July 28th) it's going down again.

IDP's own record label had the pleasure to work with Danish producer Domasi on the new Summer House Party Anthem song. Domasi wrote the lyrics, did the vocals and produced the music in 2 different versions: a new (for Domasi) old-school style and the classic italodance style.

Domasi also got massive support from popular remixers with a bunch of amazing remixes from Italian producers Bietto and DJ Nico Vlp, the South American gang DJ JPedroza, Claster DJ and DJ-V. and of course long time friend FranJ Perez from Spain. He also managed to squeeze in a house remix from Danish friend Bonde.

As if that wasn't enough (it's already 3 times the amount of tracks on last year's anthem) the producer of S.H.P. last year Luna Felix managed to sneak in a few bonus tracks (sneaky bastard Wink ). Firstly we have Domasi's remix of the single from last year which he, unfortunately, couldn't finish in time for release. It's been available for request on Italo Sound Radio since last year, however. A tribute to IDP's very own manager Michael Waust (guess what his favorite drink is) and a last track to set the mood for your after party in the trancy-italo style Luna Felix does best.

The single will be out the same day as the summer party on the 28th of July released on IDP Records. Get it in your favorite digital download shop or stream it on Spotify, Deezer, Apple Music + many many more.

We also sell a very special edition on physical CD from our webshop, just hit the link "Webshop" up in the menu.

Find previews below or hear the full versions (on request) at

Track list:

1. Domasi - S.H.P. Anthem 2017 (Still Have Got My Bassline Mix)
2. Domasi - S.H.P. Anthem 2017 (FranJ Remix)
3. Domasi - S.H.P. Anthem 2017 (Claster DJ Remix)
4. Domasi - S.H.P. Anthem 2017 (DJ Nico Vlp Remix)
5. Domasi - S.H.P. Anthem 2017 (Bietto Bassline Remix)
6. Domasi - S.H.P. Anthem 2017 (DJ JPedroza Remix)
7. Domasi - S.H.P. Anthem 2017 (DJ-V. Remix)
8. Domasi - S.H.P. Anthem 2017 (Bonde Remix)
9. Domasi - S.H.P. Anthem 2017 (Domasi After Midnight Remix)
10. Luna Felix - S.H.P. (Domasi Remix)
11. Luna Felix - S.H.P.'s Super Waust (Jägerbomb Concept)
12. Luna Felix - S.H.P. Afterparty 2017 (Radio Edit)


Price: €6.99

Label:IDP Records
Genre:Italodance, Slowstyle, House
Item number:IDP014
Type of media:CD, Single
Release date:July 28th, 2017