Dee Bee

Dee Bee

Dee Bee was born in 1983 in Rome, Italy, and is a mix of italian and english origin.

She started showing her singing talent at the tender age of 10 years old, when she joined a Vatican choir and became a solo singer. Inspired by the voices and music of artists like Mariah Carey and Lauryn Hill, she began working with the english Music To Picture Company (music for films and TV series in the UK). She also participated in various famous singing competitions in Italy (Festival di Napoli, di Saint Vincent, di Bologna, Solomusicaitaliana) getting to the finals and semi-finals. At the same time she developed her dancing skills by joining an italian Dancing Company - SHAPE - and toured in Italy for 8 years with them as a Hip Hop dancer. She also became the opening act of the group by performing as a singer.

In 2004 she met Simone Girasole, a DJ that works for the italian radio station m2o. The outcome of their collaboration resulted in the release of several dance singles on the italian and international music market.

In the autumn of 2006 Dee Bee becomes the voice of Holly Dolly, an animation project, recording an album which goes to the top charts in many European countries (France, Germany etc.).

In 2007 she meets Pierlorenzo Bassetti a.k.a DJ Kriminal, of the Respiri Digitali recording label, and joins forces with him and the already mentioned Simone Girasole and Mario Gentili for the Different Class project.

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