Daniele Zafiri was born on the 19th of April 1977 in Genoa, Italy.

He has been deejaying in clubs since 1994 and producing since 2003.

He started his career with the single "Il Gioco Dell'Amore" together with Hellen as vocal. It was one of the most sold Dance CD single and vinyl in 2003; a hit in the TOP 10 General Sales (national and international albums and CD singles) and in the Sales Chart (CD single and vynil) in Spain; it reached top spot in italian and european dance radio charts and remained in the Deejay Parade TOP 20 (Radio Deejay) for 3 months, peaking at N.°3. So great was the success of this song that was the most downloaded phone ringtone of the year in Nokia France Official Site and in the most popular phone ring sites.

In 2004, after breaking into the Dance music scene with this huge hit, he released his second single, "I Fiori di Lillà", that boasted the collaboration with the famous italian singer-songwriter Alberto Fortis, and played in the popular TV quiz show Passa Parola (Canale 5).

In 2004, his third single "Luna Nera", reached N.°22 in the general Sales Chart (CD singles, national and international).

"Say Me" & "Condition", released in 2005, and entered the top 10 Sales Chart of italian megastores (Fnac, Ricordi, etc...) and was included in different european compilations.
In the same year, "L'Impazienza" represented Italy in the most relevant European Dance Contest (http://eurodance.altervista.org/eurodance_2005.htm), with a panel of sites and magazines in the field. Just some figures: more than 700,000 downloads in one month; a number of compilations in Italy, Austria, Germany; 10 weeks at N.°1 on the most important italian dance radio Station, m2o (a Radio Deejay affiliate).

On the 20th of January 2006, his passion for Dance music has led him to realize the greatest dream in an artist's career: the release of his first album Dance & Breakfast, on the label Universal. It is the project the Major is counting on to boost genuine - made in Italy - Italodance. The title Dance & Breakfast, goes back to his passion for music resumed in a few words: live on bread and music. 17 tracks tracing the complete history of Danijay: Past, Present and mainly Future: from "I Fiori Di Lillà" to the next summer hits; including amazing remixes in collaboration with the most popular italian DJs as Gabry Ponte, Provenzano, Jordi Carreras; new tracks in Italian, English and Spanish, and a unedited song with Roby Rossini. Some days after its release, Dance & Breakfast entered the General Sales Chart in Italy, officially disclosed by F.I.M.I., at N.°70. A great achievement, especially for a Dance album. Dance & Breakfast sold more than many world-famous pop artists, as the official sales figures related to the week from 20th to 26th of January 2006 show. A trend confirmed in the following two weeks.

On the 9th of February 2006, the success of the album and his friendship with the DJs of the radio, has brought him to his debut on m2o with the program TRIBE. The official tracklist shows new remixes and unedited songs (100% Danijay) as well as new versions of the tracks included in his album Dance & Breakfast.