Wild Brotherz - Perumanta & Dream Loving

Wild Brotherz - Perumanta & Dream Loving

November 25th, 2018 / By: Juan Carlos HSS

Aya Beat and Lancer from Quito, Ecuador make the duo behind slowstyle group "Wild Brotherz". They started their music production in 2011 mixing genres slowstyle / lento violento with Latin and Andean elements. They are influenced by producers such as Daniele Mondello, DJ Maxwell, Mr Dendo, Rafael Lenz among others, in general by the SlowStyle music that flows out of Italy.

Wild Brotherz have mostly released their music for free download with previously 7 published free compilations, singles and EPs. After 2 years away (last compilation was in 2016) they are now back with a new mini-compilation titled "Wild Brotherz - Perumanta & Dream Loving" which contains 7 previously unpublished tracks and remixes.

Track list:

1) Aya Beat & Lancer - Perumanta
2) Wild Brotherz - Dream Loving
3) Wild Brotherz - With U (Vision 2)
4) Mr. Dendo - Adamante (Wild Brothers Remix)
5) Wild Brotherz - Senzacione Naturale
6) Cyber - Emptiness ( Aya Beat Lento V2)
7) Lancer - Rebone (Pro Mix)

The compilation is available today for free streaming or download (not free) exclusively from Bandcamp.

Release date:November 26th, 2018

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