SunnyBoy - Paper Heart

SunnyBoy - Paper Heart

October 20th, 2017 / By: Wausti

Just about a month ago SunnyBoy came out with the 2017 edition of Égi Tánc, and now he is ready to throw out one more, to the digital stores!

It's the track "Paper Heart" and you must say by looking at the tracklist, that is has a few good suprises on it!

It includes what I believe to be Bocchetti's first official remix release - Bocchetti has recieved more and more attention for his well produced italo remixes posted on his soundcloud and youtube. (preview of his "Paper Heart" remix below)

On the list we also find a bonus track; a remix of perhaps SunnyBoy's biggest hit "Angelo" remixed by Freddy! Great so see him back...


1. Paper Heart (Domasi Remix)   

2. Paper Heart (Bocchetti Remix) 

3. Paper Heart (DJ JPedroza Remix)

4. Paper Heart (Bietto Dabu Di Dabu Dai Remix)

5. Paper Heart (DJ Spazio Remix)

6. Paper Heart (Claster Remix)

7. Paper Heart (Original Version)

8. SUPER BONUS TRACK: Angelo (Freddy Remix)

Preview - Bocchetti Remix:

Label:A.C. Digital Records (Italy)
Release date:October 31st, 2017