SunnyBoy - I Need The Fire and Best Of SunnyBoy 2010 - 2018

SunnyBoy - I Need The Fire and Best Of SunnyBoy 2010 - 2018

August 1st, 2018 / By: Wausti

New stuff is out and more is coming from SunnyBoy and Angelo Ciaravola from A.C. Digital Records...

First up is the brand new single by SunnyBoy called "I Need The Fire" including remixes by DJ JPedroza, Claster DJ, BenceK and DJ Spazio.


1. I Need the Fire (DJ Jpedroza Remix)

2. I Need the Fire (Kell a Tűz Luigi Elettrico Remix)

3. I Need the Fire (DJ Spazio Remix)

4. I Need the Fire (Kell a Tűz Claster DJ Remix)

5. I Need the Fire (Kell a Tűz Bencek Remix)

6. I Need the Fire (Claster DJ Remix)

7. I Need the Fire (Kell a tűz)

Then there is a new album too from SunnyBoy with the best from 2010 - 2018


1. Sweetstar (Bietto Remix)

2. Almost Heaven (Angelo Ciaravola Heaven Remix)

3. Angelo (Motel Synth George Remix)

4. Ballo Angelico (DJ Paul Hb It Remix)

5. Storybook Story (Bietto Remix)

6. Crazy Wind (Bietto Remix)

7. Mr. Moon (DJ sTore Remix)

8. The Girl (Bietto Remix)

9. I Will Never Forget (Angelo Ciaravola Classic Remix)

10. If You Were Not for Me (DJ Maraach Remix)

11. Eternal Summer (Luigi Elettrico Trancy 90s Mix)

12. Just Music (DJ JPedroza Remix)

13. Still (Angelo Ciaravola Dancing Remix)

14. PaperHeart (Bocchetti Remix)

15. On the Way (Angelo Ciaravola Love Remix)

16. Still (Angelo Ciaravola Love Remix)

17. Angelo (Angyal)

....and Angelo Ciaravola is working on a EP(?) including remixes by him of SunnyBoy tracks.

Label:A.C. Digital Records (Italy)
Release date:July 30th, 2018

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