SlowStyle news winter 2020

SlowStyle news winter 2020

January 12th, 2021 / By: Würden

Hi everyone, we sometimes do a roundup of recent SlowStyle news for smaller releases, typically 1/2-track singles and now it's time for another one for all the latest in the slower sub-genre to italodance.

First in the news we have a new release from Italian DJ and producer Francesco Cosola on his new label "Rebel Globe":

Noise Master - Harmonic


Also from Francesco Cosola is another SlowStyle release released under his own name:

Francesco Cosola - Shut Up And Dance


Then we have another new single from Austrian producer Roland Eigelsreiter released recently on his own label:

Slowstylelento - Cutvocaloid


Angelo Ciaravola who's also the owner of A.C. Digital Records mostly known as the label of Sunnyboy these days, has a new single out under his own name for once:

Angelo Ciaravola - Fischietto


Finally we have the small Italian label Beverly Music which mainly releases lento/techno music in more experimental styles, the new one here from Loopnotico is no exception:

Loopnotico - Piano Strano


Find link to stream / download the releases in the gray box.