Selection of Italodance Winter Hits 2019

Selection of Italodance Winter Hits 2019

August 14th, 2019 / By: Wausti

Style Records has just released their "Italodance Summer Hits 2019" compilation, and has now announced that they are looking for tracks for a Winter edition!

so a shout out to the producers out there!

Here is what Style Records posted on facebook:

Are you ready for the winter version?

Our goal is to create an annual appointment, more precisely a summer version and a winter version of a compilation that contains Italodance unreleased tracks.

For the winter version the deadline for sending the songs is set for October 15th.

The accepted genres are Italodance, Slowstyle and Handsup. Tracks containing a vocal are preferable. It is not possible to send pieces already released or containing vocals or parts of songs by other artists.

It is possible to send the tracks in private on our soundcloud channel or on our facebook page.

Good luck.

Label:Style Records (Italy)
Release date:October 15th, 2019

Buy it here: