Noetica Trip - Message From Space (2006 - 2012)

Noetica Trip - Message From Space (2006 - 2012)

August 9th, 2021 / By: Wausti

Behind "Noetica Trip" is none other than Luca Noise! A side-project for his own "journey without limits" as he describes it, where instinct and a "6th sense" took over and he just followed it..

We have to go back 12 years, since we last saw a solo release by Luca Noise. In between it has been in cooporation with Gigi D'Agostino, but finally he is releasing some of his own stuff, starting with a 6 track EP of some older productions made between 2006 - 2012. Hopefully more EPs will follow....


1. Message From Space

2. Bici

3. Drill Dancer

4. Meditation

5. Magnetic

6. Telescopio


Label:Label To Fable (Italy)
Release date:August 2nd, 2021

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