New releases from Federico Romanzi

New releases from Federico Romanzi

September 5th, 2016 / By: Würden

The tireless Federico Romanzi is apparently working non-stop on new releases and has another new set of singles ready with 4 new releases just these next two weeks. We are indeed impressed by his pace here at IDP.

Anyway, talking about the singles they are all in his usual experimental slowstyle music style.

The first one is entitled "Ferite D'Amore":

1. Ferite D'Amore
2. Ferite D'Amore (2012 Version)

Release: September 2nd


The second single is entitled "Isola Bianca" and included just one version:

1. Isola Bianca

with release September 9th


Third single is "Everest" and also includes just one version:

1. Everest

release date is set to September 9th


Last but not least the fourth single coming out later is "Turno" which includes 3 pretty similar versions:

1. Turno (Mattina Version)
2. Turno (Pomeriggio Version)
3. Turno (Notte Version)

Release is September 12th