New releases from Deejay Stella

New releases from Deejay Stella

April 21st, 2019 / By: Würden

Egidio "Deejay Stella" Esse has been quiet for a good while but has recently begun to move and produce again. He was incredibly productive a couple of years ago, putting out one album after another plus lots of remixes, mostly bootlegs, but recently it has only been a few singles released on Bandcamp and Media Records Evo.

All the new singles is in a darker less melodic style compared to previous work, but otherwise relatively recognizable.

His new releases include 5 one-track singles released in different channels (a little confusing, yes) hit the links in the gray box to listen/buy.

The 5 singles are:








Deejay Stella also, in December, teased a brand new album coming soon"La Mia Musica Vol. 6" - we're crossing our fingers it will be announced soon.