Morgana - Until Forever

Morgana - Until Forever

March 18th, 2020 / By: Wausti

Luckily for us, the Corona is not shutting everything down! I'm sure many producers has barricaded themselselves in their room/studio, and is currently mass-producing new tracks to be ready in the upcoming weeks/months so we can have an amazing italo year! Grin Wink

One that has been working pre the Corona is Morgana who's real name is actually Morgana Arbore, and lives in Rome, Italy. She has earlier been featured on tracks releasd by our friends on Style Records produced by DJ Doddo (Domenico Pepe) and Glaukor (Andy Shehu), and this one is no exception since it's produced by Glaukor.
Morgana and Glaukor are actually already working on new stuff together, as they would like to make a trilogy with two more songs including music videos!

Morgana is not only a singer, but also a dancer and in the video of this one she included her friends, including her boyfriend...


1. Until Forever (Original Radio Rdit)

2. Until Forever (Original Extended Mix)

3. Until Forever (Trance Vision)

4. Until Forever (DJ Hunter Remix)

5. Until Forever (DJ Hunter Guitar Vision Remix)

6. Until Forever (FranJ Edit Mix)

7. Until Forever (FranJ Extended Mix)

8. Until Forever (DJ Cillo Remix Edit)

9.  Until Forever (DJ Cillo Remix)

10. Until Forever (DJ Raffy Maranza Mix Edit)

11. Until Forever (DJ Raffy Maranza Mix Extended)

12. Until Forever (DJ Bovoli Analog Remix)

13. Until Forever (Naldi Vision)


Official Music Video: