Mictronic - Save Me

Mictronic - Save Me

January 7th, 2024 / By: simps0n

After a couple of successful remixes, Mictronic decided to release its own single: "Save Me". Kind of in an uptempo speedy version of italodance but true to the style nonetheless.

Including remixes from several producers:
Dropriderz, Nik DJ, Dropriderz, DeeJay Froggy & DJ Raffy.


  1. Save Me
  2. Save Me (DeeJay Froggy & DJ Raffy Remix edit)
  3. Save Me (Dropriderz Remix edit)
  4. Save Me (Nik DJ Remix)
  5. Save Me (DeeJay Froggy & DJ Raffy Remix)
  6. Save Me (Dropriderz Remix)


Label:Standing Records
Release date:December 18th, 2023

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