June 23rd, 2019 / By: Wausti

T6 Radio is a french dance web radio who has asked a bunch of italo-producers, both old and new and even some who has "retired" from italo, for exclusive unrelease tracks. They managed to gather no less than 32 tracks together! ...All given for FREE! ofcause there are some of the tracks that can't be released due to copyrights, but...

June 23rd, 2019
June 7th, 2019 / By: Wausti

The Scialadance-project by Gigi D'Agostino, which mainly is his new project for cover-tracks, has now a brand new album out!
It was announced as usual with a video on youtube with one of the tracks, in this case "Il Mio Canto Libero" with the text [ From the Album: Scialescion ]...

June 7th, 2019
June 7th, 2019 / By: Wausti

The two italian guys Davide Rodia (Mr. Dendo) and Federico Romanzi used to produce music together under the project Spaghetti Trip, and many of their tracks were never officially released, but now they are back in the studio together and have decided to release a "first...

June 7th, 2019
June 7th, 2019 / By: Wausti

A brand new remix by Massimo Pompegnani aka DJ Maxwell has just been released, and it's even in the good old DJ Maxwell style, compared to his latest release an ep called Dark Side Of The Sun which were more inspired by Psy-trance.

This new remix is made of a track created...

June 7th, 2019
May 14th, 2019 / By: Wausti

The Marco duo is back with a new track out on Bit Records! Marco Marzi and Marco Skarica (who members of IDP met not long ago at a Gigi D'Agostino event in Torino) released last year in april the single "Airpor...

May 14th, 2019
May 11th, 2019 / By: Würden

Roby Bi or simply Roby B. debuted on the Futurenoize compilation by Media Records "Futurenoize Vol. 2" back in 2018. Before that he has toured as a DJ in Italian clubs for many years before starting out as a SlowStyle producer.

Now he's ready with his very first single / E.P. consisting of 3 new tracks and...

May 9th, 2019
May 11th, 2019 / By: Wausti

The Kosmos Nautes are back in our timeline (through the black hole) with a brand new track!
This one is about the moments of timing, when you just happen to be at the exact place at the right time, is it meant to be or is it coincidence?

After the success with the previous Remix Contest with more than 20...

May 17th, 2019
May 10th, 2019 / By: Wausti

We, on IDP Records, have a few releases already planned this spring/summer and here is the next in line!

This one has been done for a while, but since the track is about waiting for the summer to come, and all the great things that follows... we thought it would make most sense...

May 11th, 2019
May 1st, 2019 / By: Wausti

In the past few months Gigi has been a bit quiet with regarding his "release"-flow, but now it seems he has slowly begun again... The latest one was the Lento Violento album "Lentonauta" released back in february.
About two weeks ago he and Luca Noise announced an upcoming...

May 1st, 2019
April 23rd, 2019 / By: Würden

ItaloDancePortal is proud to announnce the first official IDP Records release of 2019 with a brand new colab album between Ricky Style and Mark'M from Italy!

Emozioni E Pestoni Danzanti is a energetic new SlowStyle album including 9 tracks individually...

April 26th, 2019