Magna Romagna presents Moto Remoto

Magna Romagna presents Moto Remoto

November 5th, 2022 / By: Wausti

Halloween just passed, and out from the darkness lurking in the shadows of Magna Romagna, comes his evil twin Moto Remoto ...or more precise his skitzofrenic alter ego. The productions of Moto Remoto are mostly made in the long and dark hours of the night. It's in that moment he feels most inspired, tired or in a trance-like-state between mind and universe.

There are 11 tracks represented on this album, and they are a mix of old and new ones.


1. Impatto Compatto (FM) 02:57

2. Svarione 03:44

3. Inquietudine 04:39

4. Chiedo 03:53

5. Attenti al Loop 03:26

6. Ridondanza 03:50

7. Jackpot 04:14

8. Minella 03:48

9. Storia Stereo 03:57

10. Sgradella 03:22

11. Marcia Marcia 03:32


Label:Moto Remoto Records (Italy)
Release date:November 4th, 2022

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