Le Novo Style - Passando Sezioni Vol. 4

Le Novo Style - Passando Sezioni Vol. 4

December 1st, 2019 / By: Würden

Bolivian producer Bainegg started his own SlowStyle compilation series a couple of years ago: Passando Sezioni. Unfortunately it's not widely available, but at least he managed to get this volume 4 out on streaming platforms, so give it a listen if you like SlowStyle/Lento Smile

Bainegg has said that this volume might possibly be the last in the series (hopefully he'll continue on other projects)

01 Dj Slava - Love song
02 Toporkov Slow - Deliverance
03 Victor Ss - Back to beat
04 Pentaghast - More VIP
05 Bainegg - Useless
06 Serafino Prosperi - La magia (Extended version)
07 Raul CT - Sound inmortal
08 Ricky Style - Raw line
09 Jerremy Smith - Two is more
10 Mawexx - Motivazione notturna
11 Aspro - Difettoso
12 Dj Slava - Ol-qanto-qi
13 Bainegg - Estados
14 Serafino Prosperi - Una routine
15 Pentaghast - Pàrras
16 Bainegg - Fingir la felicidad

Unfortunately it's only available for streaming through Spotify and Deezer and currently not for digital download anywere (if you find it as download, please send us a mail Smile )

Label:Native Media Label
Release date:October 25th, 2019

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