ItaloDance / SlowStyle summer news 2021

ItaloDance / SlowStyle summer news 2021

August 24th, 2021 / By: Würden

As we have a habit of here at IDP, we sometimes gather small releases and write about them in a single news article. It's been a long while since the last one, so we thought you might be interested in some of the releases since last time.

First up is DJ sTore who has teamed up with an old italodance favourite well-known if you have followed the italodance scenes 10+ years. Micky B is back on vocals in this new single.

DJ sTore feat. Micky B - Magical Sound

Released on Infrasuono, 19-07-2021


DJ sTore and Micky B. also did another single under a different artist name, "The Stor - M":

The Store - M - Every Day (Dance Mix)

Released on White Record, 21-05-2021



Sardinian producer Luigi Pilo has also been active with a new italodance single released back in May titled "La La La":

Pilo - La La La

Self-released, 02-05-2021



Austrian producer Slowstylento also puts out a few singles once in a while, here are two which are available from Beatport among other shops. Also do check out his youtube channel for more of his music

Slowstylento - Party

Just My EDM, 23-08-2021


Slowstylento - Pump That Classic Beat (A Lento Bass Bomb Mix)

Just My EDM, 30-05-2021



Giuseppe "Joseph" Brittanni who is probably most known from the group "Brothers" is still producing music, mostly quiet ambient / classical music these days, but for this one single he teamed up Mattia Taormina to produce a remix which can only be described as classic Brothers style, the bass is almost the same as back in the day.

Joseph B vs. Mattia Taormina - Con Te

Released on Brothers Records, 18-04-2021



Bochetti who's been doing some really cool italodance remixes the last couple of years also released a new single back in March this year called "See Me", available for both streaming and download:

Umberto Bocchetti - See Me

Released on "Umberto Bocchetti", 08-03-2021




Finally there are also two free to download albums that might interest you, the first one is from Bietto, Biettology which he released a couple of weeks back

sites/default/files/Biettology 2k21 Cover Art.jpg

Download it here


The other free to download album comes from Guistylez titled "Utopia" and was recently postedon his facebook page, it contains 29 tracks.

sites/default/files/00a- GuiStylez - Utopia E.P. (Cover Image).png

Download it here

Release date:August 24th, 2021