ItaloBrothers x Chipz - 1001 Arabian Nights

ItaloBrothers x Chipz - 1001 Arabian Nights

March 20th, 2023 / By: simps0n

Very famous trio, Matthias "Matze" Metten, Christian "Chris" Müller and newest member Hanno Lohse better known as ItaloBrothers has taken the 2004 Ch!pz hit "1001 Arabian Nights" for a modern very italo-sounding spin. You still get the house/dance-vibes from recent ItaloBrothers releases but at least they went closer to their roots this time, it's worth checking out.

To be completely honest, the style of this track is most likely Eurobounce, but it really reminds us of their good old Italo tracks.


  1. 1001 Arabian Nights


Release date:March 10th, 2023

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